Trello. What a cool name that is. I had never heard of the name before I attended a conference in Northern California for my job. I frequently scan Google and the App Store searching for apps that will help me stay organized. Between home, work and Church, life is really busy. And most days I find it hard to keep up with the tasks and lists of priorities. 

I downloaded the app initially because I thought maybe this time, unlike before I would find an app that would help me stay organized. The other apps only seem to fill up my time with typing out a priority list. But this time, it was different. This time it had a feature that I really liked, in fact, it had several features I really liked. 


Trello allows you to not only invite others to join Trello, by sending a direct link. But it also allows you to create a Team of people you invite. And because you have added them to your individual board, they can help you complete the list. For example, say you add a board (list) to Trello, then invite your friend, Joe and he downloads the app, now he can help you complete cards (tasks) you have added to the board. It’s a win win! And it syncs in real time! So when Joe checks off one of the items on a card, it checks it off on your app immediately. This saves time and money, because you won’t end up repeating tasks that don’t need completed! And if you click on “show all activity” at the bottom of the card it tells you what Team Member checked it off. 

Boards and Cards

One of the major things that I like about the app is that it helps you reach your deadlines no matter what board it is on. If you have four boards, “Work, Home, Church and School” You can then add cards to each of them and add deadlines for each card. When the app reminds you of your deadlines, it reminds you in order of your deadlines, no matter which board it is on.

Add Pictures

Want to add a picture to your Board that best reflects your Board? It’s easy! Just click on backgrounds and click on pre-installed photos. If you want to add a picture in your camera roll, you can do that as well. Please note that adding your own picture requires you to purchase the app.

Download Today

This app does so much more and you can use it to be as simple or as complicated as you want your list to be. Download today and start saving time by being more organized on a daily basis. The app is free and will be able to do everything I said it can above. However, there is a pay version that does offer a few more bells and whistles. But I suggest downloading the free version and see if it works for you. If it does, then upgrade to Trello Gold. It’s $4.99 per month.

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